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Lachlan Waite

Principal Portfolio Officer, Brisbane City Council

Unlike many people’s leadership development, Lachlan was fortunate to start a rigorous leadership development program from the first day he entered the Defence Academy at 17. When leaving the Army a decade later, Lachlan found that while the underlying principles and values of leadership he was taught remained relevant, their application to the civilian corporate environments he found himself in, required significant adjustment.

After another decade of working as a project leader in small to medium teams, and mentoring emerging professionals, Lachlan has developed a nuanced no frills understanding of what these leaders need to be successful that is relatable and accessible.

Lachlan is a former AIPM Chapter President in Queensland and is a strong advocate for leadership development within the profession. These days he would describe himself a slightly above average but committed leader who still fights the inner anxieties that come with being an introvert in these positions.

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