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What is the role of project managers in an agile world?

October 29, 01:30 pm - 02:10 pm AEST

It is hard to imagine a US stock market without Tesla. But if we look back, Tesla's Initial Public Offering (IPO) was in 2010. 10 years later, they were asked to join the S&P 500 - representing the 500 biggest companies in America. It is hard to imagine another company that has exploded onto the world seen so quickly where their impact and industry defining moves continue to resonate across the global.

This is a key example of the how the competitive corporate landscape is changing and accelerating - both globally and in Australia. To remain relevant, organisations are being forced to adapt the way they are structured, work and operate in the attempts to meet escalating customer (and market) expectations.

However, as organisations respond to the competition by adopting 'agile' through 'organisation design’ and ‘spotify models’, the role of a project manager is disappearing.

What IS the role of a project manager in this changing and agile world? How do we stay relevant as professionals and what can we do to ‘stay ahead’ of the curve?

The purpose of this talk is to explore how these organisations are adapting to the accelerating environment. We will explore key trends and patterns, as well as examining the impact of these changes on the role of a project manager in corporate Australia today and in the future.

We will delve into how the messy transition works and some specifics on what project managers can do position themselves (and the profession) for greater impact and set themselves up to thrive in this new, agile and changing world.

Principal, Claritas Consulting
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