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The Intelligent Project: Combining Human and Artificial Intelligence for Project Success

October 30, 11:15 am - 11:55 am AEST

In complex projects, the volume of data continues to grow exponentially, but most organisations are not keeping pace. Deep inside this data, there is treasure to be found, and most organisations don't know that it's there, much less how to access it or leverage it. Across the various participants (Owner, EPC Contractors, Suppliers, Partners, etc.) there are a variety of systems and spreadsheets requiring an enormous amount of effort to maintain. Information is slow to travel, reports aren't accurate, and decisions are being made too late to affect the project. The team works hard through planning and execution phases, discovering what works and what doesn't, learning countless new lessons about cost / schedule performance, supplier capabilities, engineering designs, product quality, construction productivity, and other best practices. But when the project ends, where does this knowledge go? The team often takes it with them to their next project, which is good for them and their career development, but unbelievably wasteful for your organization to re-learn what it already knows. This presentation will explore the potential and the pitfalls of emerging technologies in capital projects and portfolios - and how it can be used to tackle some of the issues which continue to impede project success.

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