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Predaptive delivery

October 31, 01:10 pm - 01:50 pm AEST

Predictive and adaptive project delivery approaches have their own set of advantages and challenges, leading organizations to explore a hybrid model. This presentation aims to investigate the effectiveness of hybrid project delivery in mitigating existing drawbacks and identifying potential new challenges.
While some project management experts argue that debates between Agile and Waterfall delivery are irrelevant and all projects are inherently hybrid, the significance of hybrid projects comes into question. However, the consensus remains that all projects require agility.

The integration of Waterfall and Agile methodologies into a hybrid approach goes beyond a simple combination of methods and techniques. It necessitates the adoption of fresh philosophies, standards, and tools. Predaptive delivery offers an effective solution to address the complexities of dynamic and unpredictable environments, as well as the demands of the competitive labour market. It achieves a balance between predictability and adaptiveness, optimizing value creation while navigating these challenges.

To uncover innovative strategies for enhancing project portfolio delivery, it is vital to delve into the fundamental elements of project management DNA. This includes understanding the distinct characteristics, complexities, and uniqueness of projects, as well as identifying the most critical challenges within project portfolios that require resolution. By exploring these foundational aspects at a profound level, new insights and approaches can be uncovered to improve project portfolio performance, leveraging AI-based methods and tools.

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