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Panel: Australia’s Energy Transition – What does the PM profession need to do to be transition ready?

October 30, 03:35 pm - 04:35 pm AEST

Australia’s commitment to reach net-zero by 2050 presents many challenges and opportunities for the Australian economy. While all Australian people and businesses may feel the effect of these changes, some regions and professions will need to respond to greater disruption. High-emission jobs in mining and fossil fuels will be lost and more than half of these will be in only 8 local regions of Australia. Many of these regions are also potential locations for clean energy production and new industries, with demand for different skills in critical minerals, new energy construction and energy efficiency. With an estimated AU$400B of projects to support Australia’s decarbonization of the electricity sector transition (and that is only 25% of our total energy needs), what response is needed by the project management profession to enable Australia to be transition ready?

Panelists are drawn from the energy market, project management profession, community views of transition and the important education and skills sector.

Board Chair, TAFE QLD
Head of Stakeholder Engagement and Communication, Queensland Hydro
Executive General Manager, GHD Advisory
Engagement and Communication, GHD
Qld Program And Projects Lead, Arup
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