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Leading Teams of the Future

October 30, 01:40 pm - 02:20 pm AEST

The future has arrived and it’s progressing faster than expected. In today’s workforce, we have five generations working within it. As a leader, we need to understand that each of these cohorts have different ways of working and different expectations of what a workplace should look like and how we operate within them.

Regardless of your position, workplace or project, you need to grow and support teams who will remain relevant within this changing environment. When we are surrounded by regular advancements in AI and robotics, how do Project Managers, who might not have a tech or digital background remain relevant as innovation occurs around them? How can leaders and team members embrace and grow with this change?

Innovation doesn’t just mean digital. Innovating within a team, project or workplace can take many forms. Understanding other ways to innovate will build resilience in this changing landscape for individuals and teams. Everyone can innovate and embrace change beyond the digital landscape and as leaders, we can take charge and create strong, robust teams of the future by supporting teams to think outside the box and innovate in their own way.

Julieanne will explore teams of the future, what they look like and how to ensure they are future ready.

Principal, Aurecon
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Project leaders and decision makers

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