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Key roles in an Agile Transition @ Scale

October 31, 12:25 pm - 01:05 pm AEST

In 2018, Telstra announced to the market an ambitious strategy to transform the telecom giant into a leaner and fitter organisation better able to respond to challenges and opportunities and provide enhanced value to customers, employees, and shareholders. This also marked the start of Telstra’s 3-year journey to adopt newer, more agile, leaner, and more human focussed ways of working across its enterprise. This journey has progressed at pace and is now acknowledged as one of the largest agile transformations in global Telecommunications Industry history.

With over seventeen thousand staff needing support and guidance to help them learn the new tools, practices, methods, and behaviours required to support Telstra’s strategic outcomes, it has been critical to have the right support in place. Telstra’s investment in Agile Coaches was crucial and they worked closely with business executives and leaders helping to prepare them and their people and have successfully launched thousands of business teams on their exciting agile trajectory. As Telstra continued to scale our agile transformation, the senior delivery role of Group Scrum Lead was created, with a focus on embedding agility, delivery, and performance across Telstra. An emphasis on collaboration and engagement with stakeholders and business leaders was a contributing factor to our success. The Agile Coach and the Group Scrum Lead have also been critical to Telstra's success, and while the two roles may appear different, they continue to work closely together, to drive business delivery and project excellence.

Sarah Neal, Chapter Type Lead for Agile Coaching and Ben Morrell, an experienced Group Scrum Lead, will explore how these key roles became drivers of a transformation, and how this enabled Telstra to respond to a global pandemic. They will also share how they continue to partner with the business to driver and deliver value Telstra's customers and employees and what day in the life of an Agile Coach and a Group Scrum lead, is like at Telstra as it now embarks on a new strategy of growth.

Group Scrum Lead, Telstra
Coaching Principal, Telstra Corporation Limited
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