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Collaborative Relationships: How To Manage Power Imbalances

October 30, 02:25 pm - 03:05 pm AEST

In a landscape of networked businesses and rapid technology changes the ability to collaborate can be an immense source of new value. At this enlightening session participants will gain valuable insights about how todays leaders are looking beyond contract obligations and focusing on relationships and joint problem solving to create value. This highly relevant topic will challenge your thinking and share the following insights:
•How the relationship building landscape has changed
•How relationships create value and contracts capture value
•How a rigorous negotiation process can be use to manage power imbalances and to build more predictable interactions

Learning benefits:
Participants will understand how the relationship building landscape has changed including; the impacts of technology, generational shifts and networked business communities. In addition they will more deeply understand how building on shared interests, diagnosing personal needs and management of the influencing process can enable value-creating mindsets.
The presentation involve a presenting concepts, asking the attendees to reflect on a past collaboration and to share their experiences about what was done well and what could have been done differently. This presentation has been adapted and presented at numerous forums, including:
•The CEO Institute
•The Executive Connection
•Chartered Practicing Accountants Australia National Congress
•Procurement Australian National Conference
•Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply Australia National Conference

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